The Inner Kompass Experience

Mapping Your Personal Values


Prioritizing what matters to you most.


  • Clarity & Self-Trust: Walk away with a crystal-clear understanding of your unique Inner Kompass and Values, ready to be applied in every aspect of your life.

  • Intentional Action: You will also create and move forward with clear actions that you design for aligning your daily life with your Inner Kompass and Values.

  • Life Direction: You will walk away with a clearer understanding with what you need to feel fulfilled in daily life and the direction you want to head in.

  • Deep Self-Exploration: This experience isn't just about values - it's about knowing yourself at a profound level, strengthening your identity, and fostering a deeper sense of self.

  • Personal & Professional Growth: Apply your newfound wisdom to your career, relationships, parenting, partnership, and beyond, fostering growth and fulfillment.

  • Reframing Identity: This course is for exploring and defining who you are at a deeper level, and as a tool for strengthening your identity and sense of self.

  • Self-Awareness: This grounding course is for strengthening your inner awareness and what gives you direction.

You've got this.

This course is designed to help you (re)define and live your one-of-a-kind Inner Kompass & Values with more clarity, confidence and calm. 


We use our Personal Values in:

  • Our daily life.
  • Our career and life work.
  • Our relationships.
  • Our roles as a parent and / or partner
  • Our decisions, BIG and small.

The Inner Kompass Experience

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A 3-week course for Mapping Your Personal Values.

This course includes a blend of live sessions and self-paced guidance with videos, audio recordings and worksheets. Including:

  • A creative process for illuminating, aligning and mapping your personal values. 
  • An approachable step-by-step process for bringing your values into your daily life. 
  • Guided visualizations supporting this intuitive process.
  • 3 x Live sessions with Jaime Komer OLY.
  • Receive one-year access to this course.
  • Worksheets designed for your Inner Kompass Experience: Mapping Your Personal Values.

Course Outline:

Using the acronym “I AM” to guide us, this course is organized into 3 main sections: Illuminating, Aligning and Mapping your Inner Kompass and Values. (This course includes additional modules to support these 3 main sections)

Live Class Dates:

  • April 16th, 10am - 11:15am PST
  • April 23rd, 10am - 11:15am PST 
  • April 30th, 10am - 11:15am PST

(Unable to make it live? We've got you covered, you'll receive a recording of each session.) 



In this first section we lay the groundwork for Mapping Your Personal Values. Yay! 

  • Exploring what's calling you to (re)assess and clarify your values while setting yourself up for success for the course.
  • Understanding your Inner Kompass and Personal Values.
  • "Finding Your Bearings" guided Visualizations in our first Live session together.

You'll complete this section with clarity and deeper knowing into what's most important to you and your relationship with yourself (both key steps for mapping your personal values).



This is the juicy middle where we dive deep into extracting your one-of-a-kind values.  In this section, you'll be:

  • Excavating & revealing your personal values. 
  • Filtering & honing your personal values.
  • Organizing & Prioritizing your personal values.

You’ll finish this course with clear and authentic values created from your life experience.



Now it's time to bring your values into your daily life in a way that feels realistic, timely, and fun. We look at your values and:

  • Your daily life & flow.
  • Your role as a parent, partner and / or other relationships.
  • Your career.

You’ll finish this course with having already made a shift of prioritizing your values in your daily life. 

This Course Is For You If You Are...

  • Wanting to prioritize what’s most important to you.
  • Amidst or preparing for a life transition.

  • Starting a new chapter in your life.

  • Seeking tools to help you create your own life path.

  • Seeking a sustainable approach for intentional and authentic living.

  • Exploring who you are beyond titles, labels, expectations and roles.


I'm Jaime Komer OLY


In 2022, my family of 4 (now a family of 5) decided to follow our inner Kompass and Values and experience life as a location-independent family. I wouldn't have been able to take this type of leap and prioritize what's most important to me without mapping my personal values. 

I’ve guided Professional Athletes, digital nomad parents, Entrepreneurs, Women in Business and more through the Inner Kompass & Values Experience. As an Olympic Medalist with over 15 years of teaching and guiding within the well-being field, I’m grateful to be sharing this multi-faceted Inner Kompass Experience with you!

I truly hope and intend for this course to be a catalyst, resource, and guide for living in alignment with what is most important to you. May you feel empowered and supported in who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re heading!


Course opens April 11th, 2024.

Inner Kompass Experience



As you map your Inner Kompass and Values,

May your life adventure continue to unfold before you with more clarity, ease, confidence and calm. 

May you feel grounded and centered amidst the changing tides that life brings.

See you soon!

In gratitude,

Jaime :)