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"I love Kampfire for the unique guided visualization approach, which always brings up something unexpected for me, and for the supportive community it cultivates between the participants. Jaime is a gifted facilitator and I look forward to each session."

Welcome. Yasas. Bienvenue. G'day!

I'm Jaime Komer, OLY

Kampfire Founder ‚ÄĘ Mama of 3 ‚ÄĘ Olympian ‚ÄĘ Life Transformation Coach ‚ÄĘ World Explorer¬†


Thanks for being here, I'm so glad we've connected. I created the Kampfire as a place for quieting the outer noise, tuning inward and nurturing your personal growth.

Through the years of major life transitions of my own - from competing at the Olympics, then retiring (a shock to my identity!), starting my own wellness businesses, growing a family, then more recently, experiencing full-time international travel with my family - I've opened up my lens to possibility and self-transformation, and the process of connecting with my inner calm amidst ALL the outer noise and chaos.

With the vast array of experiences and learnings, I have poured my heart into each Kampfire offering - courses, coaching and community. I'm here to guide and support you along your journey as I continue to walk on mine. 

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The Kampfire Kollective

Nurture your personal growth, create your best life, learn from each other, all while being surrounded by an uplifting global community.

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"Kampfire is a journey of self discovery without the cheesiness; is understanding yourself without years of therapy. It is a journey that works it’s magic even on skeptics."

Rebecca Night

"Jaime is incredibly supportive without any pressure, she is a leader in every sense, meeting participants where they are in their introspective journey."

The Kampfire Kollective

Nurture your personal growth, create your best life, learn from each other, all while being surrounded by an uplifting global community.

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