The Kampfire Kollective


Empowering travel-minded Parents to make little and BIG changes.



A place for connecting with yourself & what matters to you most. 

Our Kampfire participants have told us their experience is life-changing and life-giving. What does life-changing and life-giving look like for you? 


May The Kampfire Kollective help you: 

  • Connect with your inner wisdom, feel deeper self-trust, inner calm, joy and clarity in your life.
  • Incorporate¬†the practical and creative tool of guided visualization.
  • Feel empowered to make the little and big changes you seek.
  • Take the leaps you dream of at the right time, in the right way for you.¬†
  • Feel flow and harmony in your daily life and life direction.¬†
  • Feel connected and a sense of belonging within yourself and your community.
  • Tend to your inner world with compassion and curiosity.¬†

Let's Adventure Together.

Join us at The Kampfire Kollective.

What participants are saying about The Kampfire:

"The Kampfire is needed because it helps clarify where we are and where we're going and at the same time builds community around that journey so you feel supported in it."

Themed Guided Visualizations

Each monthly Kampfire session¬†includes¬†a themed guided visualization led by Jaime, inspired by a method she created called¬†Imagery & Meaning¬†‚ÄúI.M.‚ÄĚ

Here's what participants say about the guided visualizations:

"They inspire a curiosity to learn more about myself and what’s going on below the surface, with an eye on living with intention to create my best life."

"They are immersive, and spark ideas, challenges, and subconscious thoughts that I didn't even know were there. So powerful." 

What participants are saying about The Kampfire:


"Kampfire is a flush for my mind in the same way that a hard workout is a flush for my body. It's not always "easy" but it's always worth it. Carving out time to work ON our life, instead of always IN our life is critical and I so appreciate the dedicated time to come together with a group of like-minded people to do just that."


The Kampfire Kollective

Each month you receive:

  • A monthly 60-90 minute Kampfire session.

  • A themed guided visualization with self-reflection prompts within the Kampfire session.
  • Direct Access into this private Kampfire Community of parents inspired by adventure and travel.

  • Mindful resources and practical tools for your expansive growth.
  • Connecting with Jaime and Kampfire members through their life adventuring.


I'm Jaime Komer OLY,

Founder of The Kampfire

In 2022 my family sold most of our things and becoming location independent. In the same season, I finished my consulting role of coaching Olympic, Paralympic & Pro Athletes through their life transitions. 

While living in Portugal with many families who were also experiencing big life transitions, I felt the call to offer a 'special space' for the parents.

A place for quieting the outer noise, tuning inward and nurturing your personal growth. I needed this, too! We were a group of motivated people, most of which who came from a high-performance background, now in a new chapter of reframing and redirecting our lives.

Here, while amidst community and at a time of self-inquiry and many unknowns, the idea of The Kampfire was born. 

A place for Nurturing Within, Living Intentionally and Adventuring Together.

Fast forward to 2023 in Syros, Greece where The Kampfire 'officially' took flight, serving an international community of parents.

We created this virtual space, The Kollective, so you have the support, guidance and space you need to nurture your dreams, well-being and inner wisdom. 

 I'm grateful you're here. I hope to see you soon at The Kampfire Kollective, 

Jaime :)

Created for Parents Inspired by Adventure and Travel.

The Kampfire Kollective

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You inspire more people than you know.

I'm one of them. May The Kampfire Kollective be a special space for you, for nurturing within, living intentionally and adventuring together. 

See you soon!

In gratitude,

Jaime :)