About The Kampfire

 "Mind and Heart Opening." 

- Kampfire Participant

The Kampfire is a growing community of people who are leaving what they know to do what they dream.

The Kampfire has served people all over the world, including entrepreneurs, digital nomad families, retired professional athletes, moms on career pause, and people heeding the call to prioritize their values and live a life they love.

We offer courses, coaching, events and resources, both in online and in-person format. 

One of the things that makes The Kampfire unique are the guided visualizations led by Jaime.

She created a method called Imagery & Meaning “I.M.”, an approachable and creative practice for gaining clarity within your life and for connecting with your inner wisdom.

What people are saying about The Kampfire

"I love Kampfire for the unique guided visualization approach, which always brings up something unexpected for me, and for the supportive community it cultivates between the participants. Jaime is a gifted facilitator and I look forward to each session." 

Hi, I'm Jaime Komer

Founder of The Kampfire

 The Kampfire began with an Adventure...


In 2022 my family sold most of our things and becoming location independent. In the same season, I finished my consulting role of coaching Olympic, Paralympic & Pro Athletes through their life transitions. 

While living in Portugal with many families who were also experiencing big life transitions, I felt the call to offer a 'special space' for the parents.

A place for quieting the outer noise, tuning inward and nurturing your personal growth. I needed this, too! We were a group of motivated people, most of which who came from a high-performance background, now in a new chapter of reframing and redirecting our lives.

Here, while amidst community and at a time of self-inquiry and many unknowns, the idea of The Kampfire was born. 

A place for Nurturing Within, Living Intentionally and Adventuring Together.

Fast forward to 2023 in Syros, Greece where The Kampfire 'officially' took flight, serving an international community of parents.

Here we are in 2024 and The Kampfire is growing.

I'm so grateful you're here. Pull up a tree stump and I'll see you at The Kampfire. 

What people are saying about The Kampfire

"Kampfire is a journey of self discovery without the cheesiness; is understanding yourself without years of therapy. It is a journey that works it’s magic even on skeptics."

About Jaime Komer, OLY, MA


"Jaime is a tremendous listener that creates a space that is still, free of judgement and thought provoking."


Jaime is a joyful facilitator and adventurous traveler with an Olympic background in Water Polo (2008 Olympics) and extensive experience in Wellness. With over 15 years of expertise and a Master's in Health and Wellness Coaching, she specializes in empowering growth, enhancing personal intuition, and connecting people through her transformative sessions. 

Jaime is a mama of 3 young boys with a homebase in Washington state. Her diverse work has included travel writing, yoga & pilates instructor, international retreat leader, Chief Transition Guide to Pro Athletes, jewelry designer, Life Coach, all of which play a role in who she is today. Jaime has done extensive energetic and intuitive work with Intuitive Mentors for over 10 years, elevating the way she guides people through their introspective journeys.

When Jaime isn't facilitating a Kampfire, you'll likely find her outside admiring the tiny perfect things in nature, going for dip in the ocean, writing about this wild life or cuddling with her baby. 

What people are saying about Jaime

"Jaime is incredibly supportive without any pressure, she is a leader in every sense, meeting participants where they are in their introspective journey."

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