Mama Magic


Starting May 1st, 2024: 6-week Kampfire Circle (space is limited) 


Deepen your Self-Love, Inner Knowing and Self-Trust with this circle.

Hello Dear One,

I'm Jaime,

Firstly, thank you for being you. You already bring so much love and light to the world, just by being you today and everyday.

I'm opening up this Mama Magic circle because we go through so much inner transformation as mamas. Our outer life changes immensely through our many phases of mamahood. Our identity and relationships with self-worth and work (paid and unpaid) shifts. 

Mama Magic is for nurturing Who You Are. Your Inner Wisdom, Your Sense of Self, Your Identity.

So as life changes around you, you feel a calming centeredness in who you are while allowing yourself to grow and evolve.

I'm honored you're here, you truly are magical.
Jaime :)
Jaime Komer OLY
Founder of The Kampfire

Your Unique Magic lights up the world. 


May this 6-week Kampfire experience gift you with

  • A gentle approach for quieting the noise and finding your inner calm.
  • A compassionate practice for bringing in what nourishes you and releasing everything else.
  • Clarity and courage to walk your one-of-a-kind path.
  • A deepening of self-trust, inner knowing and self-love. 
  • A sacred place for connecting with your intuition, your true essence and your heart's inner whispers. 
  • A magical group of mamas (like you) all journeying together. 

Gifting yourself this time.

Join a beautiful constellation of women for this nourishing experience. 

What people are saying:

"Kampfires are the perfect way to grow closer as we got really vulnerable and honest during the sessions. They also were an amazing tool for me to discover things about myself. The quiet, focused space that was created for me was invaluable and Jaime did such a great job facilitating."


Mama Magic

A Soulful Experience for Nurturing Who You Are and Who You Are Evolving Into.

What's included:

  • 6 x 90 minute weekly circles to join together and be gently guided through a creative experience for self-reflection, self-exploration and growth. (value $1,997

  • An intimate online community space to connect with your magical mamas in this group during and after this experience. (priceless)
  • Intuitive guided visualizations in each Kampfire circle for stepping out of the headspace and into the heartspace.
  • Support from Jaime between sessions. (value $899)
  • The perfect constellation of women joining together. 
  • Resources, gifts and practical tools for nurturing who you are evolving into, your sense of self, identity and journey as a mama. (value $397)
  • Total value $3,293

Themed Guided Visualizations

Each Kampfire circle includes a themed guided visualization, here's what participants say about them:

"They inspire a curiosity to learn more about myself and what’s going on below the surface, with an eye on living with intention to create my best life."

"They are immersive, and spark ideas, challenges, and subconscious thoughts that I didn't even know were there. So powerful." 


  • We meet virtually once a week for 6 weeks, with additional online community support & connection in between.
  • In each video call I guide you through a visualization that prompts our discussion, sharing and inner work time. 
  • These sessions are a blend of visualization, reflection, coaching, sharing and journaling.  
  • We meet on Wednesday's, 10:30am - 12pm on these dates:
    • May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, and June 5th.  
    • If you're not able to commit to these but really want to join, please email me at [email protected] to chat. 
  • This circle holds up to 16 mamas.
What people are saying:


"Jaime is a tremendous listener that creates a space that is still, free of judgement and thought provoking."

Starting May 1st, 2024

May this be exactly what you need at this time in your life.

Mama Magic (option 1)


valued at $3,293

  • full payment
  • save $48 vs option 2

Mama Magic (option 2)

$349 x 3

valued at $3,293

  • 3 monthly payments
  • no fees, no worries :)



May our inner magic and light illuminate within us and around us, reaching farther than we can see or imagine. 

May we feel a deep connection with our intuition and sense of self. 

May we know just how awesome we are.

In gratitude,

Jaime :)